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Using our industry-leading and award-winning ASO & SEO, website design, and web development skills, our team has generated substantial revenue for more than 50 clients.

We don’t just promise increased traffic, conversions, and revenue – we deliver. Explore a few of our case studies below to learn how Gizbuzz has helped clients see maximum ROI on their Internet marketing campaigns to see a full sampling we’ve designed, improved, and refined to perfection.

We evaluate each and every available platform from Search Engines to Social media Platforms to Content platforms and Ad networks to evaluate which channel can drive the right traffic with the right communication and which product will work best with your target audience.

  • React
  • RIOT
  • Ionic
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Android
  • JSON
  • Joomla
  • Python
  • PHP
  • And More
  • Facebook Ads
  • Yahoo Advertising
  • Taboola
  • Inmobi
  • AirPush
  • Leadbolt
  • Outbrain
  • IronSource
  • Google AdMob & Ads
  • 100+ More ad Networks
  • HUL
  • Canteen Stores Department
  • Smollan
  • Zapya
  • Chillr
  • Leo Master
  • VIP
  • Tata Teleservices
  • Mosil Lubricants
  • TCL

Things we can do for you


BENCHMARK: We audit your entire digital presence & map it with your competition, identifying the missed opportunities for growth.

MEASURE: Unless it can be measured, it cannot be improved. We create a custom framework to define and measure your business KPIs.

COORDINATE: Designing key internal processes across internal stakeholders and external partners we oversee the complete execution with responsibility.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: We oversee execution and often indulge in training your organization to make it a modern organization.

PROVEN CREDENTIALS: In just 5 years we have helped business achieve scale and also transform into a modern enterprise.

RESPOSIBILITY: We love to own our commitments and drive everyone concerned towards a common goal to achieve success.

We are a data driven group of individuals and never shoot in the dark. We have experience in creating Data Lakes and analytics engine which drive efficiency. Although we are primarily in the business of solving problems for our clients, but we also own some of proprietary products our of which a Learning Management System & integrated with AI.

  • Analytics Integrations
  • API Handshakes
  • Programmed Callbacks
  • Customer Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Implementation

What is Digital Transformation ?

It’s a process of using technology (Like Websites, Mobiles Apps, Other Digital Touchpoints, Stores, Production Units, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Cloud Technology etc.) to create new / or modify existing business processes, company culture and customer experiences to meet challenging and evolving market and business requirements.

Why Digital Transformation is Important ?

What do you do when agile and flexible startups disrupt the market or your competitors has an uncanny advantage over your teams. Add to it the impact of COVID-19 and uncertainty it brings to businesses of all sizes.

Digital Transformation is not just about improving profits and revenue but a happy & more productive workforce as well.

What are the TOP Benefits of adapting Digital Transformation ?

  1. Higher Employee Efficiency with improved productivity.
  2. Your customers will always feel better and the knowledge your gather will always make them feel relevant.
  3. When your employees are more productive and your customers are delighted, it results in more profit and better margins in your business.

Why should I go for Digital Transformation when our competition is not?

Apart from the first mover advantage it also gives you an edge over your business rivals. In a market when clients and users are getting harder by the second to attain, Digital Transformation will give you that needed edge.

How does Digital Transformation Work ?

It works in 4 dimensions:

  1. Empowering Your Employees
  2. Optimizing Your Operations
  3. Transforming your services and products
  4. Engaging with your customers at the deepest level


If you are looking for to expand the avenues of your business, if you are planning to create a lasting business, If you want to have happier employees and increased profits then You cannot avoid Digital Transformation. Get in touch with us to start the conversations towards a bigger tomorrow.

DEVELOPMENT COST Usability across diverse platforms needs higher inputs and high cost Hybrid platforms use multiple tools and have moderate cost This option, due to single code base, has the least cost
PERFORMANCE As the essential information on content, structure and visuals are stored in local memory this works smoothly on diverse devices The device App is just a wrapper and all data in pushed from servers. Performance is largely driven by network quality and browser load.
DISTRIBUTION App stores allow some of marketing benefits (such as rankings and feature placements) while they have their own requirements and restrictions App Store resrictions don’t apply. Benefits are not avaliable
MONETIZATION After paying App Store for initial listing, App-Purchase, In-App Sale and Ads are allowed. The App Store will charge a commission, usually around 30%. Ads and subscription charges are the only available revenue sources
TRENDS As per Flurry analysis users spend majority (up to 86%) of their mobile time on these apps Mobile websites attract only around 14% of total mobile time usage
DEVICE FEATURES All available APIs on any disk are easily accessible Majority of device APIs are not available but few low-level APIs like Gyroscope and Accelerometer can be used. Limted device APIs ( like Geolocation etc) are available
USER INTERFACE Unique and familiar UI is available as per native OS Fairly native  feel can be achieved but with limitations due to cross-platform UI & UX
CODE PORTABILITY Codes are specific to platforms and can’t be ported Easy portability across major platforms Depends upon browsers
MAINTENANCE / UPDATE The maintenance will depend upon the number of platforms it is made for and usually costs are high Easier and faster maintenance due to use of limited codebase and costs are low
RECOMMENDED FOR For any specific platform use For distribution across multi-platforms When the budget and resources are limited
Apps with diverse requirements enabling usage as hybrid or web also If App needs a placement on App Store Apps that do not require App Stores
Anything that requires high optimization levels for stable work Developed with HTML, CSS, Javascript etc
Providing best native UI and richer graphics
Shivam Singh Chouhan
Shivam Chouhan
Director - Client Relations
Bhushan Hatmode
Director - Design
Ajay Patil
Lead Web Developer
Raja Gupta
Raja Gupta
Director - Product Lifecycle
Saket Anand
Project Manager
Vedant Dave
Manager - Client Relations
Amar Pawar
Android Developer
Akshay Sakpal
Web Developer
Savio Burrows
Art Director